Lenovo Pro II USB Keyboard 4X30M86879

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  • Technical Features

Technical Features for Lenovo Pro II USB Keyboard 4X30M86879

The Lenovo 4X30M86879 is a high-quality general purpose USB keyboard to be used with ThinkPad and ThinkCenter systems. The Preferred Pro II USB Keyboard is very similar to those that come as standard with ThinkCentre desktop systems. It is also compatible with USB enabled ThinkStation and ThinkPad notebook systems and docks.

4X30M86879 Features:

  • Keyboard
  • Rubberised Wrist Rest Coating
    - Provides Soft Support Surface For Your Comfort
  • USB Interface
  • Compliant Standards:
    - VCCI
    - BSMI
    - CB
    - IC
    - FCC
    - KCC
    - EAC
    - RCM
    - CU
Designed for:
Lenovo Notebook Series

ThinkPad 10 20C1
ThinkPad 10 20C3
ThinkPad 10 20E3
ThinkPad 10 20E4
ThinkPad 11e
ThinkPad 11e Chromebook
Thinkpad 13 20GJ
Thinkpad 13 20GK
Thinkpad 13 20J1
Thinkpad 13 20J2
Thinkpad 13 Chromebook 20GL
Thinkpad 13 Chromebook 20GM
ThinkPad E450 20DC
ThinkPad E450 20DD
ThinkPad E460 20ET
ThinkPad E460 20EU
ThinkPad E465 20EX
ThinkPad E560 20EV
ThinkPad E560 20EW
ThinkPad E565 20EY
ThinkPad Edge E550 20DF
ThinkPad Edge E550 20DG
ThinkPad Edge E555 20DH
ThinkPad Helix 20CG
ThinkPad Helix 20CH
ThinkPad L450 20DS
ThinkPad L450 20DT
ThinkPad L460 20FU
ThinkPad L460 20FV
ThinkPad L560 20F1
ThinkPad L560 20F2
ThinkPad L570
ThinkPad P40 Yoga 20GQ
ThinkPad P40 Yoga 20GR
ThinkPad P50 20EN
ThinkPad P50 20EQ
ThinkPad P50s 20FK
ThinkPad P50s 20FL
ThinkPad P51
ThinkPad P51s
ThinkPad P70 20ER
ThinkPad P70 20ES
ThinkPad P71
ThinkPad T440p 20AN
ThinkPad T440p 20AW
ThinkPad T450 20BU
ThinkPad T450 20BV
ThinkPad T450s 20BW
ThinkPad T450s 20BX
ThinkPad T460 20FM
ThinkPad T460 20FN
ThinkPad T460p 20FW
ThinkPad T460p 20FX
ThinkPad T460s 20F9
ThinkPad T460s 20FA
ThinkPad T470p
ThinkPad T470s
ThinkPad T550 20CJ
ThinkPad T550 20CK
ThinkPad T560 20FH
ThinkPad T560 20FJ
ThinkPad T570
ThinkPad X1 Carbon
ThinkPad X1 Tablet
ThinkPad X1 Yoga
ThinkPad X250 20CL
ThinkPad X250 20CM
ThinkPad X260 20F5
ThinkPad X260 20F6
ThinkPad Yoga 11e
ThinkPad Yoga 12 20DK
ThinkPad Yoga 12 20DL
ThinkPad Yoga 14 20FY
ThinkPad Yoga 15 20DQ
ThinkPad Yoga 15 20DR
ThinkPad Yoga 260 20FD
ThinkPad Yoga 260 20FE
ThinkPad Yoga 260 20GS
ThinkPad Yoga 260 20GT
ThinkPad Yoga 370
ThinkPad Yoga 460 20EL
ThinkPad Yoga 460 20EM
Lenovo Desktop Series

ThinkCentre M700 10GQ
ThinkCentre M700 10GR
ThinkCentre M700 10GS
ThinkCentre M700 10GT
ThinkCentre M700 10HY
ThinkCentre M700 10J0
ThinkCentre M700 10JM
ThinkCentre M700 10JN
ThinkCentre M700 10JQ
ThinkCentre M700 10JR
ThinkCentre M700 10JS
ThinkCentre M700 10JT
ThinkCentre M700 10KL
ThinkCentre M700 10KM
ThinkCentre M700 10KN
ThinkCentre M700 10KQ
ThinkCentre M715q 10M2
ThinkCentre M715q 10M3
ThinkCentre M715q 10M5
ThinkCentre M800 10FV
ThinkCentre M800 10FW
ThinkCentre M800 10FX
ThinkCentre M800 10FY
ThinkCentre M810z 10NX
ThinkCentre M810z 10NY
ThinkCentre M900 10FC
ThinkCentre M900 10FD
ThinkCentre M900 10FG
ThinkCentre M900 10FH
ThinkCentre M900 10FL
ThinkCentre M900 10FM
ThinkCentre M900 10FR
ThinkCentre M900 10FS
ThinkStation P320
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